About VocationCARE

What is VocationCARE?

VocationCARE consists of communal practices through which congregations and other spiritual communities design and enact new ministries. VocationCARE helps individuals and communities construct a route into the heart of that mystery that Christians refer to as vocation or our unique calling from God in our time and in the particular circumstances of our lives.

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Why VocationCARE?

VocationCARE is a process that enables for us a naming of the passion and deep motivation that lives within that is actually Christ’s call to us. The form of this practice is as important as the work. In fact, the form is the practice. We engage a deep contemplative space because a necessary stillness allows us to hear most clearly the voice of the Spirit or, as Howard Thurman refers to it, "the sound of the genuine."

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A Word From the Director

Welcome to a set of practices simple in their form but powerful in impact. VocationCARE is designed to reach into that heart-space where we are met and transformed by God, where we endeavor – through the practices of story-telling and deep listening to one another in dedicated, contemplative space – to discover what really matters about our “one wild and precious life” (Mary Oliver, The Summer Day) and how to embody that life passionately in the world.

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