Ask Self-Awakening Questions

Self-awakening questions are those inspired by holy listening. They are offered in service to the storyteller to help her listen for how God is moving in her “one wild and precious life.”

Good questions move both participants into the realm of intuition where we experience ourselves and each other as God’s beloved and awaken to the call of sacred love.

It turns out that our stories hold messages for more than just ourselves. They evoke a certain holy curiosity.   But they also serve to drive both the one telling the story and the one who observes and asks the questions deeper into the mystery which both share: God speaking to us – and more than just to us as individuals – through the fabric of our life experiences and the profound questions that those experiences raise within each of us.

Self-awakening questions have been identified by one our practitioners as “questions for which the answer could not be known by the one asking.”  They are questions that can further open, even illuminate, the stories we tell.  They are also questions posed through a dynamic that is the very opposite of interrogation, one that is respectful and which exercises great care in hearing and interacting with a story shared.