​Reflect theologically

Sharing our grains of truth and observing others’ moves us collectively into the archetypal realm where we can trace the outlines of the Great Story told in Scripture in our own communities.

We literally animate our collective realty in our practice rooms by placing post-its on walls and windows which contains little grains of truth that our shared stories and self-awakening questions have raised in everyone’s heart.  We walk by and observe this “gallery” of post-its, and sometimes of drawings, with care.  These often serve as little forms of intimate anonymous confession which, seen together, become an additional source of group enlightenment about who and whose we are, as well as about what our deepest longings are for ourselves and our world.  These postings also serve as vehicles for our reflection on self and community in this space.

Then we engage some visioning practices that enable us to embrace more fully the call that our stories have opened to us.  We take a few moments to release any attachments we have to the thoughts in our own minds that might prevent us from receiving signals from the future seeking to unfold through us.  Then we imaginatively enter into that future space to see what God’s future holds for us and how our vision for faithful action may be joined to the faithful imagination and initiative of others.  Our reflecting together becomes the bridge toward designing to act with faithfulness to the deepest promptings of the Spirit, which emerge from our own deep longings.